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Sequel to Yuki's Palpitating, Passionate, Phenomenal, and quite frankly Proficient quest for a (hot) girlfriend!!!

You don't have to play the first game to understand this one, but it's definitely highly recommended that you do! Although let's be real, why wouldn't you want to spend more time with these ladies? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


Yuki gets kidnapped?? Will her dames in shining armour be able to save her without getting distracted???


  • Linear storyline
  • Three cute hot girls who are all your girlfriends! (・ω<)☆
  • Three other girls who aren't your girlfriends... but are still cute (maybe even hot)!
  • An extremely useless lesbian protagonist (some things never change)


Yuki, our extremely useless lesbian protagonist.

Spica, Chinatsu, and Haruka, Yuki's (hot) girlfriends!!!

Rena, the kidnapper who's extremely cute???



🍓 Story + Art + Programming 🍓: 


🍓 Music 🍓:

Green Bear Music


🍓 Translations 🍓:


Android Port by HackerNCoder

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(166 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, protagonist-is-still-a-useless-gay, Ren'Py, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityOne button


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please never stop making lesbian visual novels i feed off of them




It's so cute!! I love how this gives them more depth and character, I very much enjoyed reading through extras!!


you lost me at "mom!"

HAHAHA! I have the same feeling about that one! Basically, Chinatsu has that motherly scent in the relationship, and whenever I notice it, it is quite confusing.


cute chars and drawings but just feels like a gacha story on how its written and certain characters talk/react...and conversations between characters feel lifeless. cool idea, art, and chars, but poorly written. still a great game

(1 edit)

Loved the games, flow, theme, story, relationship plot thing, and EVERYTHING else! 10.5/10 for both games (Prequel and sequel (this game!))!

This just made me very happy indeed.


Okay, but putting pride flags in the girls' eyes was the cutest little touch. Unless they were like that in the first game too, in which case pretend this is a comment on that game's page.

why do both games have such long titles??


for the vibes~

why not




Both games are awesome, the second one being more developed though. I very much hope this is not the end of the girls' adventures. 


every second i exist i realise a bit more how gay i really am.




Another great game! I really loved the first meeting and butterfly extras.


aww The Butterfly extra was so beautiful, I loved it!! I'm crying now ahdgiadhoig


GOSH i love these games so much ASIODHGDAIOHGO


I absolutely love this game so far!


IM ALWAYS OBSESSED WITH YOUR GAMES!!! Ill download this one immediately ahsdkjahsdjkahsdjl I will always be looking forward to your future games~


I am OBSESSED with this game!!!!

It's probably the funniest game I have ever played and also easily the cutest game.

I should have spent like at least $10 on this masterpiece BUT IT'S FREE!!!??

milkky i will play every game you make from now until i die :D

Click View All by milkky and first thing I see is, "hey hey i'm ying! i make visual novels of girls who love girls (੭˃ᴗ˂)੭"

Well, hey hey i'm squinish!  I like visual novels of girls who love girls ;P.  So think we will get along pretty well.  :D

Just got this game in the in the Queer Bundle.  If it's as cute as I think it is.  I will be grabbing your other games as well.  At the very least.  I am in love with your art.  :D

why did i think the blonde haired one was the mom instead of a girlfriend-

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm impressed, you actually managed to make to title longer!
jk i finished it, it's too cute for our own good, congrats
cute art

This is simply too cute. I really like how this second game shows how the all 4 of their romantic relationship more. The extras were so cuteeee of the characters' past. I especially like the childhood meeting extra. Great for all the queer representation in this game.

I really really really liked this, the trans scene kinda made me cry too. Thanks for making this :')


Haruka is such a mood in this one, I love it


the butterfly scene made me cry. thank you for making good trans stuff <3


how haruka's transness is handled is heart-melting. it's so sweet, and how yuki wants to be friends with her regardless of who she is is so sweet. 



I was wondering if you'd be interested in having your game localized to French? I'm looking to expand my translation portfolio so I'd be more than happy to work on translating your game (for free ofc!!) Let me know if you'd be interested! 


Honestly I love the humor, lesbiantics and the cuteness of this game. But I feel like Spica has been dumbed down a bit too much to make the group dynamic, for me it she was at the verge of being annoying even though she was basically my favourite character in the other game. I love how you fleshed out and real you made Harukas story which already struck a deeply personal note with me in the first game.
I think next game should be Chinatsu's time to shine (pls make another one Im begging you) because I feel like her development has been kinda absent I know it is probably going to be more difficult to make a compelling backstory but I'm sure it will be doable.
Overall, this game had everything that made the first one so great and more and its been an absolute blast to play through.

(1 edit) (+9)

Haruka is best girl I am not accepting constructive criticism at this time.

Ok but seriously these games are both amazing! They’re such fun and cute little adventures and I adore all of these characters and their fun personalities! I like seeing Yuki’s silly antics and *ahem* gay panicking to the maximum, she’s very fun. I like Spica’s rambunctious spirit and more head-on attitude. Chinatsu is an absolute skrunkledorf and it’s really cute to see her interactions with the girls. And Haruka is really fun with her more “cold” attitude and logical way of thinking, while still showing genuine care and love for the other girls behind that surface layer, which I though was really nicely and well shown here. Also as someone currently figuring out their own gender it felt really cool to see Haruka in here as trans rep, and I like that it never made a huge deal about it or treated it like it was her entire character, it was just a completely normal thing, which I personally believe is the best form of representation. Also the new characters were really fun, I especially liked Rena (fun fact I convinced my friend to play these games and when Rena’s silhouette came on screen they went “HATSUNE MIKU??????” lol)

Aside from characters, the story was really fun too, I like how it stayed simple and focused on just being fun and silly. That being said when it did slow down like for the moments with the special art it was really good and honestly really touching. Especially in the butterfly that honestly made me tear up.

Also this game is high key hilarious I was cracking up the whole time and had the dumbest grin on my face while playing.

Overall this is a really good game and I’d recommend it for anyone in the market for cute gay shipping, wholesome fluff, and fun dumb humor.

(also I accidentally posted this review on the first game instead of this one and had to retype it again here sksbksbsjsbsksbskshsish)


good sequel to the first one :) so cute and adorable :)


This was very good!
I've already played the previous game, and it was wonderful to see a sequel made. This one expanded the world of the previous game, and also went deeper into the characters and relationships, while still maintaining the previous game's warm, light-hearted, funny tone, so I'd say it was a very good sequel.

It's good to have an added touch of conflict and stakes by having Yuki kidnapped - that makes the story a bit more interesting. Also, the game's light-hearted, goofy tone was established well, so I didn't take it too seriously and it didn't feel strange or jarring when the characters, uh... reacted to the situation the way they did, shall we say!

Very nice pictures and music, as before.

The extras I got after I finished the story were beautiful. Very touching.

Thanks for making this, and best wishes!

What OS is everyone running this on?

I'm using Windows 10, and it's not booting at all, even through command prompt. I had the same issue with the first game as well. :(

I'm using Windows 10 as well, and it worked fine for me. I'm not sure what's going wrong with your setup.

That's so strange. 

I have a relatively new graphics card and an 8-core CPU, so there's no way it's something like my computer can't run it. I've even tried running other games made in the same engine and they ran completely fine. Something in particular is just not agreeing with my PC.

I had major issues with the first game, too, and was only able to get it to load through the command prompt. It was so good and I'd really like to play this one too :((((

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the developer?

I'm not sure who else would know what's going on here.

(1 edit)

hey! i won't be of much help since i'm hopeless at technology but i've asked a few people and here's what they suggest!

"Try to press Shift + G and then switch the renderer from automatic to either one of the other. Quit and then re-enter the game. If still not working try the other renderer. After that I don't know what else to do." (i'm not really sure what this means as i use a mac but i hope you can understand it!)

"https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewforum.php?f=8 maybe check renpy-related forums and stuff? since it might be a client issue." (from a dev who's also been having people tell them that their renpy game isn't running!)

1. Go to the game folder where the application's exe file is located.

2. Right click the exe file and click "properties". A new window will pop up.

3. There should be a box to check down below that should be saying "unblock".”

i hope this helps! and i'll update this comment if someone else has any other suggestions ^^

If you're using the website instead of the app for itch.io, than try getting it. It might help.

wonderful ! had a great time playing this, please continue the series in the future if you can :) 



Also love how this one gives more expression to the characters and a little bit more of their persona~

I have to check out in further play how is it going but for now enjoy~

Also sorry for the audio quality I'm trying to improve the audio but it seems I set it to high.



Yepppppppppp as I guess it is exploring their persona even more, I love it. Good sequel theme~ Now we know Haruka's feeling and also Spica's way to deal with anxiety (?). Perhaps it's Chinatsu on the next part??? Or both way to deals with their issue??? Interesting~



Oooooh so now both Haruka and Spica are opening up to each other~ Lovely~ Didn't expect it turns into Yuki explaining to Rena what a polyamory relationship is! Will Rena also enter a polyamory relationship later on???



Welllllllllll I guess I'm correct???? Rena does enter a poly relationship! Woooo awesome amazing anklebreaker. The ending feels satisfactory after all the character exploration~

And the group hug is nice u_u

Bless them all sweet~



What is this past stories I'm sobbing they're so sweet at the endddddd

It also a perfect wrap-up since it unveils how the characters come to be the one we love~

Overall it's a very nice game <3


this was such a joy to play through!

once again, the art was fantastic and spica's naming sense was hilarious!

the original game was silly and short and i loved it for that, but i love the sequel giving people depth in both their relationships and their personalities. i was already attached to haruka, but learning that she worried about being too blunt and hurtful with her words? that was wonderful. i loved the interactions between all the different parts of the polycule!

i absolutely loved the polycule explaining polyamory things to rena and mika. i'm super fond of healthy polyamory in media, so that was a delight!

the bonus stories were amazing as well! you absolutely stole my heart with them, but my favourite was the haruka and yuki one!

thank you again for such a wonderful game!


Another gay stuff? I'm in.


just finished it, spica and haruka here remind me of akarsha and noelle from butterfly soup

(1 edit) (+5)

I created an account just to say this, but I LOVE your art style! It's simple but does not lack detail, it is cute, and soft! So nice to look at, and the colors are cute as well! It is easily my favorite. I am very tempted to start drawing again because of these. I'd call it my comfort art.


this is so sweet thank you!!! i really hope you get back to drawing again! ^u^


was there an Ouran high school host club line :O or am I tripping lol


there was haha!

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