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Created for NaNoRenO 2021

Sequel available here!


Help Yuki get a girlfriend!!! (or maybe three?)


  • Five endings
  • Three cute hot girls to date! (・ω<)☆
  • An extremely useless lesbian protagonist


Yuki: Me! I like girls and sweets and I really want a (hot) girlfriend! (〃▽〃)

Yuki: She's really hot. Yeah hahaha really hot. And cool. And sparkly. And did I mention hot?

Yuki: SOFT. SO SOFT. Cuddling with her feels really good... Oh, and she bakes the best cookies!

Yuki: My childhood friend! A little different from what I remember, but who cares! Really good cook.


🍓 Story + Art 🍓: 


🍓 Music 🍓:

"Summer's Eve", "Blithe", "Leaves" by Stefan Großmann

 "Innocent Years", "The Ice Cream Man", "Space For Thought", "Cute 8-bit Monsters" by Eric Matyas

"Waltzybgm061814", "Casualbgm030314" by Green Bear Music

🍓 Translations 🍓:

French Translation by Apolline Descy

Dutch Translation by Cappuchiinoo

Spanish Translation by WitheredAria, Champigata and SarahTheCatsu

Japanese Translation by Masa Kei

German Translation by Anne

Android Port by HackerNCoder

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(489 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCute, Dating Sim, girlfriend-farming-simulator, LGBT, protagonist-is-a-useless-gay, Romance, Short, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Yuki's-4P-mac.zip 82 MB
Yuki's-4P-linux.tar.bz2 88 MB

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不好意思我的中文有点差  ( 〃..)


(1 edit) (+1)

SUCH A CUTE AND WHOLESOME GAME AJHFUHSUDFHS yuki was totally me the entire time. very gay, 10/10, will be fangirling over this all night 





chinatsu is the cutest


Terrible and cringe . I hate it


ur armpit smells


so real


BEST GAME EVER. I'm a lesbian and have a hard time finding representation in games but this whole game was just so cute and so relatable. 10/10 will be playing over and over


Oh my gosh this is one of the cutest games i have ever played. I could not have wished for a better (true) ending!! <3



This game is very cute and funny. I really enjoyed the topics covered. Thanks for the French version!

Very cute and very gay. Can't wait to play it.


I want to ask is  "Lastname" bug or that how the developer made it? Because i can't find any setting or anything to fill the last name 🤔

Sorry if the question is kinda stupid 😅


Oh my god, it references to the last names of "Familyname" and "Surname", so it's obviously how it's made, not a bug, and a FREAKING last name.

(2 edits)

Running the game in (Arch) Linux was a pain, turns out the command line doesn't take kindly to apostrophes, so I wasn't able to run the .py and .sh files properly without renaming them (and also another file in the lib/linux-x86_64 folder that had the common suspect, an apostrophe). Took a few troubleshooting but at least I finally had it running.

Edit: Okay so it might have been my fault since I don't even think you were supposed to run it on the command line, you just have to go to the Yuki's-4P-linux/lib/ directory, go to one of the Linux folders and run the executable with the game name from there so... In my defence I'm a Linux noob and it wasn't obvious lol

(2 edits) (+1)

You can make things go through by putting quotation marks around the file name, so in this case, you could run ./"Yuki's-4P.sh" and it will run just fine

oh wow that's actually pretty useful,  thanks!

Hello! Can I make a Chinese translation for this cute game?

cute hot game?

please go ahead! i'd honestly love to see it in chinese





抱歉,打错了,是 yedaoxuxiang@qq.com 多大个I

Loved the game! Enjoyed it the most playing it together with my partner <3

Loved it, it was so cute. Gave me Ouran High School Host Club vibes with the who thing with banana peels and choosing plus dream school.

I loved it so much omg plz make more forever I need them in my life I literally had a dream after my stream of the two games where I was dating the main three and it was wonderful please keep my dream girlfriends alive


spica could step on me i'd apologize

(1 edit) (+3)

so i watched k-on! for the first time recently and uh. are yuki's polycule exactly like the cast of k-on! by design? i mean we've got

  • the clumsy scatterbrained protagonist who's just joined the group and is extremely silly but also lovable, and also, has almost exactly the same name in both media (yui/yuki),
  • the tall aloof girl whose friends all think she's utterly gorgeous, and also she's very very transgender, and she's a total sweetheart who loves her friends deeply but she has trouble expressing her feelings toward them (mio/haruka),
  • the athletic genki girl who comes off as super confident, and who's very loudly supportive and adoring toward mio/haruka to the point of unintentionally making her kinda uncomfortable (ritsu/spica),
  • and of course, the mom friend with long blonde flowing hair who makes the tea for everyone and is very soft and huggable, and also her name is a bit longer so it often gets affectionately shortened to the last two syllables (tsumugi/chinatsu)!

i have no idea whether this was intended or whether it's a gigantic coincidence!

but regardless of intent, this is basically an explicitly canon version of the sapphic relationship implied between the k-on! girls (and also mio is explicitly trans now!!), and i think that's absolutely beautiful 🥺


omg yes!!! i love this!!!

also mio is def trans (source: me)

(1 edit) (+3)

This isn't a coincidence because Yui Hirasawa and Yuki Lastname are two halves of the same brain cell.

oh my gosh so freaking cute. I love it so much i got secondhand blushes. 10/10 cute girls would join a polycule again

I love the hair highlights


i wasn't a huge fan of yuki because she lacked a distinct personality. the art style, on the other hand, is fantastic! it's incredibly attractive and colorful. the characters were fantastic, but haruka for best girl! thank you for creating this game. <3


The banana ending is the only true ending in my books \(*^*)


spica girlboss


spica best girl


I love love this so much. The chibi art style is simply adorable. Also, their dates are really ksfjhewijk. Chinatsu best girl, but I liked the true end too.


I LOVE IT!! I can't believe an useless protagonist got 3 cute girlfriends :') I loved the cringe and the asddjhakjdhnaks because it touches me deeply


why in every ending it says its feels like somethings missing..?


not every ending! if you replay the game then near the ending of the game your given a 4th option that says something completely different at the end AND if you decide to chose the 2nd option near the beginning well, you just end up in a coma

(3 edits)

yeah I saw the coma on but how do I do the other one, I didn't quite understand how you explained it.. (still really enjoyed the game and I'm not trying to be rude at all just wondering how to get the ending!) NEVERMIND I REPLAYED AND IT DID IT!! SORRY!!! <3 (loved the true end!!)

cute funny game!!


This was really, really funny! Also cute. But mostly funny, love how the game didn't try to take itself too seriously, and the meta-commentary such as the plot convenience banana peels. :D But I really loved that certain touch about Haruka, that was a nice heartfelt moment/convo! Great job on the writing, and the art was really pretty too!


this was such a cute game!!! (the relatability to yuki's flustered keysmashes was top-notch) all of the girls have their charms and the true end was so sweet hgjsdkghuijlj great job!!!

I had a lot of fun playing this! It was all very cute! Good job!


All endings that i got in order:

chinatsu end

spica end

haruka end

banana end

true end

all ending that I got in order

spica end

chinatsu end

haruka end

and then the last 2 in the same order


(1 edit)

Hey, uhh... the game doesn't work for me... 

i opened the .exe, both of them, but it just auto closes itself, here's the log the game gave me


Bootstrap to the start of init.init took 0.20s

Early init took 0.00s

Loader init took 0.04s

Loading error handling took 0.08s

Loading script took 0.51s

Loading save slot metadata. took 0.01s

Loading persistent took 0.00s

Importing _renpysteam: ImportError('No module named _renpysteam',)

Set script version to: (7, 4, 8)

Running init code took 0.11s

Loading analysis data took 0.04s

Analyze and compile ATL took 0.01s

Index archives took 0.00s

Dump and make backups. took 0.00s

Cleaning cache took 0.00s

Making clean stores took 0.00s

Initial gc. took 0.06s

DPI scale factor: 1.000000

nvdrs: Loaded, about to disable thread optimizations.

nvdrs: "Couldn't load nvlib." (can be ignored)

Creating interface object took 0.03s

Cleaning stores took 0.00s

Init translation took 0.09s

Build styles took 0.01s

Load screen analysis took 0.04s

Analyze screens took 0.00s

Save screen analysis took 0.00s

Prepare screens took 0.10s

Save pyanalysis. took 0.00s

Save bytecode. took 0.00s

Running _start took 0.00s

Performance test:

Interface start took 0.26s

Initializing gl2 renderer:

primary display bounds: (0, 0, 1920, 1080)

swap interval: 1 frames

Windowed mode.

Vendor: 'ATI Technologies Inc.'

Renderer: 'Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics'

Version: '4.6.14757 Compatibility Profile Context 20.11.2 27.20.14501.18003'

Display Info: None

Screen sizes: virtual=(1920, 1080) physical=(1739, 978) drawable=(1739, 978)

Maximum texture size: 4096x4096


banana end best end




This game is so cuteeeeee!!!!!

the protagonist is SO cute

also chinatsu best girl

no spica is

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