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This game is really cute and sweet! This might be a silly question but do the lightings/colors on the characters' hairs mean anything? I thought they might've been pride flag colors. It could just be the art style, which is really nice!


thank you! to be honest they're just part of the art style, but i like how they resemble certain pride flags! a happy little accident haha :D


:O They do! How did I not notice it?!


A really adorable game! :D


This game is adorable!! Really enjoyed it the art is and story are wonderful!! I might cosplay some characters in the future! :D


this made me blush so much the girls r so cute and hot 


pls polish translation..


I had a big smile on my face the entire time. it was just so cute!! :]


Ok, this game is just incredibly cute. And I love the humour and the upbeat tone.

Also, while most of the game is pretty light-hearted, the date with Haruka made me cry. In a good way. Let's just say she's very relatable to me.

Thank you so much <3


hihi!! i wanted to ask before hand but Imma streamer and would love to stream your game! do you mind? i will give links and credit ofc!!


i'd love if you streamed my game! please tell me if and when you do haha i'd love to watch it too >w<


This is another fantastic game, I loved it


I had such a fun time with this game. The art is uniform and adorable, the expressions on the characters are so varied it really adds to the scenes themselves- The writing is beyond cute, somewhat reliable, & just hilarious... PLUS lgbt representation is ALWAYS great to have in games <3

If you enjoy visual novels, I highly recommend Yuki's 4p!!~


Do you mind it if I stream it in Twitch? <33

I don't know if it's disrespectful


noooo i'd love it if you'd stream this!! do tell me if you do haha i'd love to watch it >w<

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm going to stream it tonight so thank you for replying!! I'm Spanish so idk if you still want to watch it but sakdalsd. My channel's user is like in here, Laurags1903 <3

edit: I've finished it and I want a girlfriend too AAAA (or three 👉👈)


i caught your stream! sadly i could only translate the chat into english but you and your chat were so funny! you guy seriously made my day haha ^^


SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO CUTE i want a girlfriend as well :-(


i got the banana ending on my first playthrough



i loved this so much. this is one of the best games i have ever played seriously

um help pls i downloaded and extracted the zip and re downloaded it and did everything again but when i open the game up and tap the game thing it just starts loading then shuts down


hi! i've tried reuploading the files, let me know if it still doesn't work!

I've downloaded the game and I have gotten 4/5 of the endings, (the three, character ones and the banana one) and yet I can not figure out how to get the poly one, could it be explained?

hi! to unlock the option for that ending you just gotta return to the final choice after unlocking all three character endings! hope this helps ^w^

Thank You!


i adore this game !! it's so so so so so so so cute and all the girls are super cute and the colours are super cute and everything is super cute and AAAAAAAA- ok but seriously this was a wonderful experience and is one of my favourite games i have ever played !! have a wonderful day from a fellow useless lesbian <3


Well I sent DM on twitter asking permission to translate Yuki 4P to Portuguese, I finished Translate and would you like to see? I sent it to my website with the due credits.

Conseguiu falar com eles?

Ate o momento não

Eu sinto por tu, cara. Eu também tentei os contatar kkkk

huahuahauhauhau pior que apos eu tentar eu traduzi, e mandei no meu site, com os devidos créditos claro, e tentei novamente entrar em contato para avisar que traduzi x.x e ate agora nada kkkk

passa seu site pelo amor de deus

passa seu site pelo amor de deus

hey! sorry i'm only getting back to you now ><

would you mind dming me again? i think i might've missed your dm the first time, really sorry about that!

All right! X.x i send dm on twitter, my twitter os @RGuertena

E aí? Vai ter tradução pra português?

Sim eu ja traduzi x.x ja foi postado no Twitter dela x.x como fiz diretamente não tem como ela colocar no jogo mas ela  compartilhou no twitter dela minha tradução


played this game a long time ago and i just wanna say this game is super cute :(( 


i've never related to a character so much before !! the art is adorable and all the girls are equally sweet and beautiful, thank you so much for making such a special game ! as a fellow useless lesbian, this game will forever be dear to my heart <3


do you like bandori by any chance,, spica really reminds me of kaoru;;

i’ve received a similar comment once! unfortunately i’ve never tried bandori out but i do agree that spica resembles kaoru >w<

aah yeah the way they speak n the poses they do are very similiar :D vv cute n fun game tho :>


I was introduced to the game by Masa Kei and played it in Japanese.

The artwork and characters are wonderful. It was a very cute and relaxing game.

Thank you very much!


I played your work. The harem of cute girls makes me feel happy!!

I was introduced to this game by my friend Masa Kei, and his translation is excellent. I'm grateful that I can play it in Japanese.


this is genuinely one of the best games i've ever played. thank you for my life

Ive downloaded it and im unable to play it can some1 help me please??

Did you extract the files when you downloaded it?
When I downloaded the game, it first appeared as a zipped file, and I had to extract the files from it. Then I opened the extracted files, and I could open and play the game from there.
If that's not the problem, give a bit more information about what's wrong, and I'm sure someone will be able to sort it out.



absolutely the cutest game,kitten<3
i really hope u make a portuguese translation!
thank u for this AMAZIN game!!!


I loved this game, it was nice and sweet! <3 Hope you keep making more games, would love see more!!! :)

I dont even like women but I am gonna play this cause this looks amazing


This was adorable. I really like the characterization, the humor, and Yuki (ohgawd, her expressions! It was great). The art was sweet, and the music nice. Overall, a pretty nice game!

PS: Spica cracks me up every time she speaks 🤣


i love this game !! it was super sweet and i really did love all the characters, which doesn't often happen in games like these for me. i managed to get all the endings quite quickly, and the true ending was my favourite for sure. i look forward to more games !!


This was a charming, sweet story, and quite a polished game overall!

The illustration style is lovely - it's cheerful, bright and cute, but also quite neat and slick. It's adorable without being ostentatious or over-embellished.
The backgrounds help with that feeling. They may be quite simplistic, but I don't mind - they're nice enough to look at, and they help to give the overall gentle, simple tone, and they don't draw our attention away from the characters.

The story is quite light (not that there's anything wrong with that!), but it's also very good-natured and easy-going, and I love that. I liked all the funny parts, too, and it's great to see so much gentle and good-natured humour.

Yuki is a great main character to follow. She has a lot of enthusiasm and energy, and she seems to have a kind heart. I liked playing as her. Her reactions to things were often pretty funny, too!
I liked all the other characters, too. Spica was a bit intimidating and overbearing at first, but after a while I warmed up to her.

The music was good. There was a nice variety of different tunes and moods, that helped to communicate the personalities of the different characters. I think my favourite was the music that played during the date with Haruka - it was very beautiful and soothing.

Thanks for making this game! I wish it went on for longer, and maybe had a few more choices, but still, what I got was very enjoyable!

thank you so much for this sweet review! >w<

I need help on the screenshots! They don't appear in any of my files and i checked it thrice. So I tried searching on the link that the game told us where it was save but there isn't any trace of it. Do you know how i can fix this? Thank you

hi! screenshots taken with the s button appear in the game folder for me! i'm not really sure what the issue is, but maybe downloading the game again will help?

Thank you for the input! I will try and look into it more

good luck!


I love this so much, the true ending is so wholesome, so is the entire game. we stan the duck plush

I was playing the game in English and until now I remembered that it was Spanish


cultural reset. this was such a fun time. AYO NEW COMFORT GAME!! thank you so much for the experience!!!


Um hello?? This is a literal game changer. Beautiful art, beautiful story, beautiful characters,,, what more could you ask for.... except an android port?😅 This game looks so good but I have an android >_< consider making this available on android too, but no pressure, keep doing what you're doing!! This is just *muah* chefs kiss

I would gladly play this game live if you do the Italian translation, I would be happy


yo, I could I do a professional translation of the VN into Polish. I’ve worked on video game translations before, and io itch VNs are becoming increasingly popular for Polish language speakers but due to language barriers many sadly cannot enjoy fully these amazing stories.


I havent play this game cus I am downloading rn but I am sure this will amazing by looking at the comments , photos and designs >.<! there are "or three " and its make me happy bec I am a poly lesbian (they/them)


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