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nice spinoff

super cute I love your game!!

I actually got the good ending in my first try!


I played your body of work in succession, starting at the Y4P duology, then Five Steps, and finally this to cap it off just now. Thank you for all of these, they hit an emotional chord for me that I needed. Your skill at weaving between humor, poignancy, and everything between is truly a pleasure to read.

I hope you have a fantastic day/night!

Same here, Five Steps has me in tears, felt WAY too close to Doki Doki Literature Club.

I still have not fully recovered from 5 steps but this was a nice change of pace though im confused on why the characters of previous games are back like this

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okay this was so much fun, omg. i know the gameplay was meant to be simple but i really liked flexing how good i am at guessing the bad ends xD also loved all the yuki's 4p callbacks!!! 

SPOILERS // i had a hunch that haruka was the mc so i was so enthusiastic when i was right. it's cool too that most of the bad choice options are things that haruka might actually say because her personality is so straightforward!! v cool ><

Curti bastante o game, aqui minha gameplay Br pra quem tiver afim!
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Why are all of the options that anyways?
And what kind of last name is Lastname? xD

i would like to become a jackrabbit as well 😆Super cute game!!


now i wanna get hit by a truck


the artworks are so cute ! i love this game.


It seems to me an interesting challenge to make a visual novel with so many limitations but part of those limitations help to use creativity to turn them around like complete black screens for bad memories or white ones for daydreams.

I found some of the bad endings of how the bunny reacts when we say inappropriate comments trying to highlight the rabbits' prejudices resulting in comical reactions, in conclusion a quite adorable game.


Hi I wanted to inform you that another user has reposted your game as their own.


nice and the art is so cute


Nice little story! I wish that the bad ends were a bit less repetitive but I understand that this isn't meant to be super ambitious. I also like the way that the sprite shifts as you wiggle your mouse.

There's definitely something going on between her and the wolf girl. 


Very cute and fun visual novel! I really loved the art-style and color pallet and the humor regarding most of the endings. Thank you so much for sharing this game!

I played this video for my YouTube channel, if you'd like you can check it out by clicking this link, here!

Easy cute visual novel. There aren't many events but I still like it.

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whenever anything about haruka's transition comes up in your stories i get this overwhelming sensation of,,, i don't know, relief i think. it's so heartwarming as a trans person to see her being accepted by yuki just as she is, and even though this game isn't canon, the metaphor of haruka being reborn sent shivers through my body. good shivers, though. i hope to see more of your games soon :)))

edit: also the blips were adorable and the sprite of yuki smiling with her eyes narrowed stole my heart

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dude i love ur games so much, i don't get why there's so many people hating on them. keep up the amazing work :)

I LOVED THIS GAME LOL. I had so much fun playing it! Made me laugh! Not too long or short! Excellent job! Here is a video on the game! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed this game! :)


love this omg


play girl girl girl girl cafe


who knew all I wanted in life was to date a bunny girl lmao


snap back to reality


i dont wanna


Wow, I can't believe a game that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being a soulless, broken down salaryman with dreams of falling in sugar-sweet love with a pink anime rabbit has finally come out. What a wondeful world we live in, where I get pandered to like this.

Things I liked:

  • My dream of dating a pink bunny girl finally came true.
  • Good art, very cute.
  • Gameplay rocked.

Things I disliked:

  • The perspective character is a woman (female). How am I going to breed the fertile anime babe as a woman WTF! Huge oversight from the developer here.

More seriously, the game was pretty limited in scope, so there isn't a great deal to say about it. The art, music, and writing were cute and competently executed, and I found the game pretty enjoyable. Good work and best of luck in your future endeavors.

As an aside, in the games I have seen from this author thus far (The Five Steps To Ensuring Momo Graduates Successfully!!!, this game) there has been a recurring theme of a depressed loser escaping their depression by engaging in a lesbian relationship (Momo resolving trauma by meeting her gay former friend, Haruka emotionally recovering from being a soulless corporate pig after meeting Yuki). I would like to give a gentle reminder that relationships are a bad escape for depression. I hope all is well, stay healthy.


Please touch some grass.






Aww she's so cute! This was such a cute and funny game! Beautiful art style and I like the music too <3

Aww what a cute visual novel! The art is so cute especially Yuki (and the fact that her full name is Yuki Lastname I'm crying). I also love the many ways you can end the game and the many choices there are, great visual novel for the jam!


Love to see them all again in different scenario~~~

Also wtf rock op, please nerf next patch....


are there plans for android version?


pretty sure you can play this on joiplay

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i dont think it works it crashes durng loading


oh my god i love your games! but wheres chinatsu.....


loved how you trip and die so much in this game 

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Hello, are you interested in getting your games translated? Bc i can do it for free

translate "ferme ta gueule" into english please!


she is so adorable but the game ended so quickly , i wish they had more girls to conquer and go on journey with them like anime...


As a rock tripping enjoyer, I recommend this rock tripping sim to anyone who loves tripping over rocks. 11/10 will trip agai


HILARIOUS VN. Loved the bad endings, made me cackle out loud!!!


Cute and sweet.


spoilers warning!

awww! i love this lil AU, when i realised mc was haruka i was shooketh i tell you. and i had a hunch the wolf would be spica! ur games always bring serotonin into my day <33


Bunny Yuki so cute!! I wonder what the other looks like when she mentioned the girls from her game


This was adorable. 


Step One:

Trip over a rock and die.

Step Two:

Be yourself.


Hi Milkkylemon :)

That was so cute to see Yuki as a rabbit 🐇🐇🥰

Beautiful short visual novel :)

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